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Falcon Metals, L.P. is a privately held scrap metal recycling company based in Dallas, Texas that purchases all grades & types of ferrous & non-ferrous scrap metals directly from industry & from the general public. All of the metals are transported using Falcon’s fleet of trucks & scrap handling & storage equipment. In most cases, the equipment & freight is provided at no cost to the supplier.

Since our President & CEO, has over 30 plus years experience serving industry, Falcon Metals utilizes a comprehensive network of domestic & international companies to market the scrap metal to primary & secondary mills, foundries, extruders, casting companies & specialty refiners. As a result, Falcon Metals is able to achieve the highest rate of return possible for its scrap suppliers.

It is very important to note, that when you choose Falcon Metals as your scrap vendor, you will be doing business with people you will get to know personally. Every company is assigned a principal & secondary representative who will be knowledgeable & responsible for every facet of your scrap metal requirements. You & your employees will have the ability to contact them 24 hours/7 days per week so they can assist you in any situation.
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All of the scrap metals purchased are screened, graded, sorted & prepared by our experienced personnel. Precise analysis can be performed by the most up-to-date technological equipment available to ensure that every load is as free as possible from contaminants or off-spec material. The scrap is processed through a variety of methods that include hand sorting, shearing, torching and/or baling.

After the metals are sorted prepared & packaged per the consumers specifications, the material is ready for shipment via truck, railcar or ocean containers.

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We bridge the gap between industrial scrap producers and metal mills